19th Annual Santa Cruz Open 

June 3rd, 2023

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  • The Santa Cruz Beach Soccer Championships is at The Main Beach, opening Saturday at 8:45am, not earlier. Please park in the River lot of the Boardwalk after unloading equipment, coolers etc. around Gate 4. Please see the Field Map available online for closest drop off. Groups and Clubs are encouraged to join one another but Do Not place tents or chairs between the fields as those spaces are for active teams only and Staff.
  • Do not Kick any ball against the Sea Wall (Boardwalk). Everyone must be 4 yards from any field when not playing and the Emergency Lane must remain clear at all times for the Life Guard vehicles.

CHECK-IN Main Tent Saturday

  • It’s best to have team manager’s do Early Check-in Friday and leave all passes, copies of Birth Certificates etc. with the staff to have at the ready for players & team arrival on Saturday at 8:45am on the Main Beach.

PLEASE DO NOT enter the Boardwalk till after 8:15am. Check-in begins at 8:45am and there will be a line for those game’s schedules early in the morning. For example, if the team’s first game is at 1pm please Check- in after 11.


  • Players must have proof of age or I. D. Government issued id, copy of birth certificate, player pass, library card etc. If any youth player cannot prove their age they will not be permitted to play. Each player will be verified, then a wristband will be placed according to the Division and must be worn to play both days.
  • Younger players may play up in age groups and players may play for another age division if on the roster but cannot play on two teams in the same division.
  • Example- Women’s Division player can play on an Adult Co-Ed team if on the roster before the start of the first game.
  • Please be patient and have your team ready when it’s time to get each player verified. Players may come any time during the weekend, if a player may only play Sunday it’s important they are on the roster before the first game starts.
  • The Main Tent is on The Main Beach behind the Carousel.

NOTICE: Early Registration from 5-8 pm to receive player passes and rosters. Players must be verified with proof of age and in person to receive official tourney wristband. Wristbands are to be worn throughout the weekend and if lost there will be a $20 fee to re-verify ID. Replacement (turned in wristband is free). Free clinic Friday at Ideal Bar & Grill Back deck at 7pm for ages 5-12. Sand socks will be available to try on and purchase Friday through Sunday.